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Multi-variant experiments is the other type of testing you can do inside Google Website Optimizer. While A-B split testing is great when you want to split-test different templates or designs where the pages are completely different, multi-variant testing is ideal for testing elements of a single page. This will allow you to do different content […]

If you double the amount of people who come into your subscriber base, everything else being consistent (in terms of the conversion rates of your auto-responder series and your other marketing efforts), if you had twice as many subscribers, or you had half as many subscribers, think about what that would do to your bank […]

Measuring the value of social media tactics (aka social media ROI) relative to businesses goals proves to be a challenge. From lack of access to inaccurate data, to myriad systems that have more data than we need and not what we truly need, measuring the value of social media continues to be a difficult task. […]

What is A/B split testing A/B split testing is a variety of marketing testing where customers randomly receive almost identical, yet slightly different, test samples. This method can efficiently be used in various niches such as brochures, email campaigns and landing pages. Its exactly what it sounds like: you have two versions of an element […]