One of the most popular Facebook applications is the Facebook mobile. There are about two hundred million people all over the world who use Facebook mobile right on their phone. And that’s one convenient way to get in touch with your friends, post updates and practically just anything you can do with Facebook using a […]

A Status Update is a Facebook application which enables you to let your Fans know of your recent activities. It is a way to communicate within your Fan Page. Status Updates are located directly above you Wall. There are different buttons that you can use depending of what kind of update you are making. Status […]

One amazing way to get people into your Fan Page is to join them in forums. Forums are places where people of the same fields of interest gather to talk about specific topics and discuss. You might be wondering you would be able to have those people get into your Fan Page. Here’s how to […]

How could getting into conversations in Facebook help you get free fans into your Fan Page? It’s simple. Facebook has a viral nature. Everyone who gets involved into your Page sends out newsfeeds into all their friends, making your page visible to all. You can use Facebook conversations to attract people to join in and […]

Facebook Notes are one of the great Facebook Applications that you can use to generate free fans for your Facebook Business Page. How can you use Facebook Notes? You can start by clicking “Notes” underneath your profile image. Click “Write a Note” to be found on the upper right hand corner of your screen. On […]

If you’ve been thinking of other ways to get more fans into your Fan Page, why don’t you ask something? Ask questions or start a survey! This is one cool way to engage fans and others to come and visit your page, join in a conversation and interact with the rest. Here’s how you can […]

Ever wondering how you can get tons of free likes for your Fan Page? Why not conduct a contest? Contests with interesting prizes can bring interest from a lot of people. Holding a contest on your Fan Page can surely bring a lot of free likes and get free publicity in front of a huge […]

We are all familiar with the basic Facebook buttons such as “Like” and “Share”. These aren’t simple buttons that you can use to like an update or share a post. These buttons are actually powerful tools that you can use to get more fans coming into your Fan Page. On your Fan Page: Share There […]

Tagging People in Facebook Tagging people in Facebook brings people into your page and let them see what you’re up to. This is a powerful strategy to use for sharing updates, events and also for free advertising. Tagging creates a notification on the tagged person’s news feeds and will also appear on their homepage. Their […]

Auto Posting: A Facebook No-No Auto posting can surely save a lot of time compared to manually posting updates on activities for your Facebook Page. Every post you create on your blog, every tweet you make, every email, these get auto posted on Facebook. Auto posting software saves you time from going into your page […]