Monthly Archives: February 2012

The common definitions of Twitter are mired in industry jargon such as “social networking” and “micro-blogging” so if you don’t understand those terms, we need to take a step back for a minute. Twitter is a platform that allows you to share, in real time, thoughts, information, links, and so forth with the Web at-large […]

On February 29, 2012, the company’s first Facebook Marketing Conference (fMC) is taking place. It is speculated that Facebook might reveal more details about mobile ads at the marketing conference they are hosting in New York. The Facebook ads are rumored to roll out anywhere in the first week of March 2012 for which Facebook […]

How to Make the Most out of Your Facebook Ads for Business Once you’ve set your ads live, you’ll see that the ad that gets the most clicks early on are also the one that gets the most impressions. So Facebook will show things that are relevant to the audience that you’re business is marketing to. Main […]

Getting smart about email marketing doesn’t mean knowing all the answers. It means knowing what makes email marketing work and what type of resources you need to build something effective. Here’s what you need to know about the seven key truths of email marketing. Email Has Evolved into a Cornerstone of Our Lives Omniture reports […]

If you have not first effectively defined why you are embarking on an email marketing campaign, spending time improving the “in-business” tactical elements will not significantly improve your efforts. Determine first what’s the ultimate message you want to resonate with your reader and how your reader will be able to demonstrate that they have not […]

Facebook Ads How can you use the Facebook Ads platform to drive traffic to your Fan Page and website? How can you maximize the use of this platform for the potential of your business? Ad Campaign Setup and Bidding Strategies Paying for Your Ads One of the most important things you need to know is […]

Facebook Business Page engagement is all about how to get people to interact and communicate with you on your Fan Page. It can be very frustrating if you are the only person posting anything on your Facebook Page. There are some simple steps that you can do to create curiosity, interest, and discussion which then […]

Analysts have been saying that it was “the year for mobile” for a long time, and this has created a false expectation. Mobile marketing will evolve just like traditional online marketing did – over time. It will see small surges as technology improves or key demographics change, but overall, we can expect the growth and […]

Technology promises to be even more exciting as we are now living in a world where our sneakers can interface with our phones (Nike) and our treadmill can Tweet our workouts (Netpulse). Mobile technology such as networks and handsets will continue to improve, as it always has, but what is more interesting for marketers is […]

Have you experience trawling YouTube and stumbled across an online video about your favourite sport, or maybe it’s your favourite sportsman or sportswoman or athlete? You were amazed by a video that’s interesting, entertaining, shot well and film techniques have been employed to a pretty high standard. Then you spot a shot of the athlete […]